This is not a dating website but I suppose if it was, then this would be the dreadful part in which I write about how I love the rain and that when ordering my coffee, I almost always want an extra hot white mocha cappuccino. Regardless of how true those things may be, I will refrain from being idiotic for a moment. If you are on my blog, hopefully you already find me interesting enough to ignore this meaningless slur of words over here. However, if you are reading every word, I am so sorry. I am a lesbian, my favorite color is purple I think but it also might be blue. I talk too much about nothing and cheese is my favorite food. I can only try to convince you that I am exceptionally more intriguing in real life. I am in various Fandoms such as Homestuck, Adventure Time, way too many video games, Cute girls and any Disney Movie. My taste in music is extremely eclectic. I draw things sometimes so go ahead and make a request. I am on Tumblr mobile mostly, so I am sorry if I do not notice any asks you may give me immediately. If you read all of this then you are lovely and deserve many of my warm hugs.
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21st March 2013

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I am really not a model at all.

I am really not a model at all.

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    I disagree. You seem to be model material.
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    This Is an old picture, why is it back.
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